Warrior Services

Today’s Warrior is strong, flexible and fit. S/he is not only physically well but mentally and emotionally strong-willed and determined.

Each of the arts below teaches ways of improving one’s overall well-being from a physical and “other than physical” aspects.

As we get stronger, we develop more courage. As we develop more courage, we get more creative which helps our eyesight. As our eyes improve, our core gets trimmer. That is the sequence of events which occurs with these types of actions.


Zoom lectures and live classes will be posted here. Topics include 4 aspects of Heart Health, How to Lose Fat Easily and Fast, improving immunity, and many more. Feel free to request a specific topic.

Hard Arts

Systema, Pankration, Escrima. These are the main 3 that will be included. Clips will feature movements from these arts and how to apply various stretching and strength building exercises.

“Soft Arts”

Tai Chi, Bagua, Xing Yi, Taoist healing sounds, Qi Gong including long form, short forms, seated forms. These are considered the “3 Internal Arts” and are long associated with improvement in health and in Spirit.


We rarely focus on breathing, or at least proper breathing. In this section, we will cover various breathing methods to lose weight, improve immunity, increase endurance and calm the Spirit. Very interesting and detailed.

” There are a number of good teachers but few great ones. David is a great teacher. His wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm make learning enjoyable again. ”

Teresa K. Thomas, MD

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