About Dr. David Orman

“Dr. Orman is one of the most impressive health providers I have ever met in my 50 years in medicine. Outstanding at this type of work and a true healer.”

– Dr. MaryBeth Armstrong, NY

Dr. David Orman is a leading Health Provider in Central Florida. An Acupuncture Physician, Master Herbalist and Nutrition Expert, Dr. Orman has been in practice since 1994.

David has done over 45,000 treatments of patients over his career and has always been in high demand due to his tremendous skills, unique approach and overall compassion and determination to help others.

Dr. Orman lectured at various colleges and universities, as well as in front of Congress. He has published many professional articles, been featured in National magazines as well as radio and TV.

Patients and customers consider him the very best at what he does. David approaches people in a creative and caring fashion, blending expertise, experience and a heartfelt approach to each person he comes in contact with. It is not surprising that where ever he has done, Dr. Orman has been a huge success.

When you  set up an appointment, now you can begin to benefit in ways that you have been wanting.

Dr. Victor Penzer, Medical Doctor, Holocaust survivor and colleague of Albert Einstein called David:

“One of the most impressive health providers I have ever met in my 50 years in medicine. Outstanding at this type of work and a true healer.”

Dr. Orman’s Specialties

  • Pain management including Acupuncture Point Injection Therapy
  • Emotional traumas such as depression, anxiety, fear and insomnia
  • Digestive issues, including weight loss
  • Ear acupuncture (Dr. Orman is one of the few Acupuncturist in America trained in the powerful French style of ear acupuncture known as Auriculomedicine.)

More About Dr. Orman

Dr. David Orman

  • Wellness and Natural Medicine Expert. David pioneered an online wellness and product service business reaching over 40 countries. Dr. Orman has successfully increased the demand for my in-person treatments. Through the vehicle of this site, I provided online, phone, or in-person consultations for some of the most difficult cases across the globe. Issues included depression, anxiety, phobias, weight loss, low energy, low libido, immunity problems, and others experienced by women and men of various ages and cultures. The tools I utilized to treat my patients included, nutrition, herbal medicine, amino acids, minerals & trace minerals, and supplements; all tailor-made to the individual based upon extensive questioning, blood test analysis, and hair analysis (identified mineral levels and toxic metals). I design personalized plans for each patients’ physical, emotional and mental well being.
  • Internal Energy Course Teacher and CreatorI have blended Tai Chi, Bagua (an advanced form of Tai Chi), Qi Gong (breathing and movement exercises) along with acupuncture/acupressure points and nutritional information into a program that can be taught at home, at a work facility or anywhere individuals are interested in improving their overall health and wellness.
    It can be learned by anyone, even those who may have physical limitations and everyone can benefit from this. Easy to do. Easy to learn.
  • Doctor of Acupuncture The Institute for Natural Medicine focuses on public education and connecting patients to MDs and is one of the largest natural medicine practice in South Florida. As Director of the Natural Medicine division, I provided thousands of patients with safe, healing treatments addressing a multitude of conditions and diseases. At the Institute of Natural Medicine, I effectively treated patients via acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutritional information, and herbs. Patient issues ranged from chronic pain, digestive disturbances, insomnia, anxiety, addictions, and many others. Collaborated closely with MDs and other professionals to ensure the best care possible for each patient.…see more

Dr. Orman’s Education


The “Other” David

David is an avid martial artist and has been training since 1985. He holds the rank of Black Belt in Aikido, Toyama Ryu Batto Jutsu, Karate and Kumdo. He holds the title of Full Instructor in the Russian martial art of Systema and Black Belt Instructor in Tai  Chi.

He is the Chief Instructor and founder of the CFL Systema Martial Arts Schools.

David has completed 13 marathons and is currently learning the Russian language as well.

He is also set to publish his book, “Light and Dark.”

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